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Alex Jones - Quayle & Heavin

posted Aug 17, 2016 17:31:06 by PatriotOutlaws
The last couple of weeks we have seen Heavin (Maker of the movie Amerigedon) and Steve Quayle have a major resurgence on the Alex Jones Show. Even the old guy of the Hagmann and Hagmann spent almost the entire show "riding shotgun" with the man (alex jones) himself yesterda 8/16/2016. With AJ's massive ego and remembering from past shows how he shunned some of Quayle's theories I wondered why was this new acceptance happening. Last week Quayle and Heavin played it up on AJ as if there was no association but a bit of further research shows this: (strange don't you think?) I wonder how the $'s are flowing here. Not that I mind a man making his dough - I just don't like the deception.

The roughest toughest patriot broadcasters on this here planet earth.
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